What is the Military Diet and How it Works?

What is the military diet? Military diet is one of the most popular diets these days. Some people claim that this kind of diet is the fastest diet that people can rely on when they want to have rapid weight loss in the duration of less than a week. It is considered as the free option for them since people need no more books, no more training system, or no expensive supplements they need to consume in order to make your weight becomes ideal. Military diet has another nickname of 3 days diet. This kind of diet guarantees that all of you would lose for around 10 pounds for a week. Isn’t it satisfying? You can get more information about the military diet here.

What is the Military Diet

What You Need to Know about the Military Diet

Probably most of you are curious about the answers of what is the military diet. Well, military diet has 3 and 4 days’ cycle. What does it mean? A military diet plan arranges your meal plan for 3 days. After that the next 4 days, you do not need to follow the meal plan. For the following week, the cycle is repeated all over again to meet the ideal body weight that you have. The term of military diet is created since most of the nutritionists in the military of United States use this kind of diet for their soldiers to be in the shape faster than any other diets. In fact, there are some other words of this military diet. They are the army diet, ice cream diet, and also the navy diet as well.

This military diet pays attention on the diet plan that emphasizes on the low calories. In those 3 days military diet, your meal is going to be divided into two phases. The first three days will need you to follow the low calories meal plan started from the breakfast, to the lunch, and end in dinner. Each of these three times there would be no snacks in between. In this phase, you will earn the total calories intake for about 1100 to 1400 calories every single day. Although it is considered as lower than the standard of the intake for adults, you can keep a record of your calories by using calories calculator. For the rest of those 4 days, you don’t need to follow the rules but you are suggested to have the nutritious and healthy food in order to keep the calories on track.

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How this Military Diet Works

What is the military diet and how does it work? Military diet works in the restriction of the calories. Whenever the fewer calories enter into the fat tissue of your body, then you need to leave it. People can combine the green tea and also coffee to increase the total metabolism of the body. However, food that consists of the high protein will have the bad combination for your weight loss. For most of the average people, military diet works totally safe for them as it has very least chance for them to give the harm. When you want to follow this military diet for months, then you will have the risk of the nutrient deficiencies unless you keep on consuming the healthy food during your days off from the diet. Thus, you need to get rid of your habits of consuming hot dogs, buying ice cream, buying fast food, and also eating more fried food. These things would make your metabolism process got stuck. It is because you should never have included fast food or junk food in your consuming lists.

Thinking about the sustainability, this kind of military diet sounds very piece of cake. Everybody can do that and everybody can make it happen as long as they have the willing to do so. It is a good start when you have never been in a diet before since it is not that hard to do. However, you will never get your ideal weight when you still have the habit of buying the junk food and dealing with unhealthy food all the time.

The Chance of Losing Weight

People might think the success rate of this military diet. When most of the people think that it seems quite impossible for them to be successful, then they will have less chance to follow this kind of diet plan. In fact, this diet becomes a successful one since its followers are able to lose weight around 10 pounds for less than a week. When most diet only reduces water, not the fat, the fat would gain more after you have your normal way of eating. You need to follow this military diet in order to lose weight to be close to your ideal weight. At the end of this article, have you figured out what is the military diet and how it works?