What is a Mediterranean Diet – Benefits and How it Works

What is a Mediterranean diet? That would be a question to ask for those people who want to take a diet program and don’t know what this diet plan exactly is. People who have some problems regarding their weight tend to take a diet approach to deal with it. There a great number of diet plans out there that offer you a different way of diet with the purpose of losing weight. From those wide ranges of diet plans, the Mediterranean diet is one of them. It is a diet program carries by people from the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean Healthy Living Habit & the Benefits

If you want to know what is Mediterranean diet, you’d better read through this article to find out more details. Healthy living habits are slightly different in each country. They have their own method on how to maintain their health. Mediterranean people who are living in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea such as France, Greece, Italy, and Spain have their traditional living habits that are so healthy that many people from other countries want to try living with the same healthy habits like theirs.

Mediterranean diet is a method of eating according to the traditional meals of the countries in the Mediterranean Sea. So it is not really a diet, but it can help lose weight or enhance your health. Mediterranean diet is actually not the same in each Mediterranean country and region. So this diet plan has a variety of definitions. But most of the people in those countries situated in the Mediterranean Sea eat healthy foods such as beans, cereals, fish, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, saturated fats like olive oil, and vegetables as their diet. All the foods they consume are usually low intake of dairy foods and meat. This Mediterranean diet is considered to be a healthy one, especially if you want to have a healthier heart.

The benefits of The Mediterranean diet is not merely to help lose weight or improve our health, it is also capable to minimize the risk of heart disease. As taking this diet you will get the lower level of cholesterol which becomes one of the factors of having a heart disease.

mediterranean diet menu - What Is A Mediterranean Diet

How to Take a Diet like Mediterranean People

When you already find out what is Mediterranean diet, I’m sure you must be curious about how to do it. Well, no diet plan is difficult to perform, including the Mediterranean diet. Here what you can do to start Mediterranean style of diet:

  1. You have to lessen eating meat.
  2. You have to consume loads of fruits and vegetables.
  3. You must add fish to your diet.
  4. You have to eat lots of starchy food, like bread and pasta.
  5. You have to select vegetable products and plant oils like olive oil.

The Guide of Healthy Mediterranean Menu

If you want to maintain your health like what Mediterranean people do to maintain theirs, you should follow this healthy balanced diet of Mediterranean menu:

  • Establish your meals on bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice or meals that we call starchy foods. For the best result choose the wholegrain version.
  • Consume at least no less than five servings of various fruits and vegetables per day.
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water or fluid a day.
  • Eat a number of beans, eggs, fish, meat, and other sources of protein.
  • Consume some dairy or the alternatives of dairies like soya beverages. Of course, you should choose the lower fat and sugar ones.
  • Use a small number of unsaturated oils and spreads.
  • Try to lessen the consumption of foods and beverages which contain high fat, salt or sugar. If you eat them, have then in a small amount and don’t get too often.

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What is Mediterranean diet? Well, it’s actually more to be a lifestyle rather than a diet that is usually strict in the intake of some nutrition in our body. Mediterranean diet is fun to follow as it is full of tasty, varied flavor meals and dishes. The menu of this diet is very simple yet healthy and of course very delicious. It is unlike what other diets have. The foods in the Mediterranean diet menu proved to be healthy, especially for a stronger heart.

By following this Mediterranean diet, you can find out how tasty and healthy their traditional foods are. You can also know how to use the foods through cooking that you can try the great recipes of Mediterranean meals at home.

To summarize what is a Mediterranean diet, it is a diet which gives emphasis to eat mainly on fruits and vegetables and other plant-based foods. Also, substitute the use of butter with healthy fats like olive canola or olive oil. And replacing salt with herbs and spices to flavor foods. That’s what you need to know what is a Mediterranean diet.