What can You Eat on the Atkins Diet – Nutritious Yet Delicious Food Option

What can you eat on the Atkins diet? There are a number of foods that you should and should not eat when you are performing Atkins diet. But first, you have to know what the Atkins diet is and what the benefits of doing it are. Atkins diet is a diet plan which obliges the person who is doing the diet to avoid high carb foods and consuming high protein and full fat foods. Atkins diet gets its name from the person who promoted it, Dr. Robert C. Atkins, who first wrote a successful book about diet in 1972. The Atkins diet has become popular among people who are concern with diet and health.

What can You Eat on the Atkins Diet

The List of Foods Suggested for Atkins Diet

Atkins diet requires very simple method in the aim for getting a weight loss. People who have problem with heavy weight or obesity will look for diet program which is easy to perform and effective in losing some weight. There are several others of diet plans which have different method. Atkins diet is one that requires you to cut off the total amount of carb in your body. This means you have to restrict or avoid the high carb foods intake and in exchange you must consume the full protein and full healthy fat foods.

So what can you eat on the Atkins diet? Well, there are foods recommended to be consumed in reaching the goal of weight loss. There are also foods you have to avoid consume them as they can gain back your weight. As Atkins diet focuses on the restriction of the high carb intake, you should not eat foods which contain of high carbohydrates and sugar. You only allow eat foods contain of high protein and healthy fats regardless on the number of calorie in those food.

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As Atkins diet is divided into 4 different phases, there are foods you can and cannot eat during the phases. The followings are foods what can you eat on the Atkins diet during the first to the fourth phase of Atkins diet:

Phase 1 – in this phase, you will get rid your weight fast. You have to restrict the carbs 20 to 25 grams of your daily net carbs. Here is the list of what can you eat on the Atkins diet you can choose to eat during this phase:

  • All types of meats – but you should leave out cold cuts, meats with added nitrates and processed meats cured with sugar.
  • All fish like cod, herring, halibut, trout, salmon, etc.
  • Eggs whether they are boiled, soft boiled, hard boiled, fried, etc)
  • Shellfishes of all kind like clams, lobster, shrimp, etc. Reduce the consumption of mussels and oysters to 4 ounces per day.
  • Cheeses (cheddar, cream, etc.)
  • Herbs and spices
  • Artificial sweeteners such as stevia, sucralose, etc.
  • All poultry such as chicken, goose, turkey, etc.
  • Low carb drinks like coffee, tea (with no sugar), water, club soda, clear broth, almond milk (no flavor), etc.
  • Cream but only 3 tbsp per day.
  • Fats and oils such as butter, mayonnaise and olive oil.
  • Vegetables (non-starchy ones) like broccoli, bell peppers, celery, leafy greens, and mushrooms.
  • Lemon and lime juice
  • Pre-made salad dressings (no additional sugar)

Phase 2 – at this phase, consume only 25 to 50 grams of net carbs per day. You can choose of what can you eat on the Atkins diet on the following list:

  • All the foods from the first phase.
  • All berries and melons but no watermelon as it contains high sugar.
  • Lemon, lime or tomato juice.
  • Nuts, seeds, and nut butters such as almonds, cashews, flaxseed, peanuts, pecans, and sunflower seeds.
  • A quarter cup of
  • Supplementary dairy foods like cottage cheese, plain whole-milk yogurt, plain Greek yogurt, and ricotta cheese.

Phase 3 – at this phase, it is allowed for you to consume 50 to 80 grams of net carbs per day. Here are what can you eat on the Atkins diet in the third phase:

  • All the foods from the first and second phase
  • A greater numbers of fruits like apples, bananas, cherries, grapes, mangos, oranges, peaches, pears, and kiwi. Eat half or a whole fruit serving from those fruits.
  • A quarter to half cup of high-fiber grains like oatmeal and quinoa.
  • A half cup of starchy vegetables such as beets, carrots, corn, peas, potatoes, and squash.

Phase 4 – During this phase, you are allowed to consume 80 to 100 grams of net carbs each day. This means you can eat all the foods from phase 1, 2 and 3.

Although the Atkins diet in general limits the intake of carbohydrates, you will definitely enjoy following it. It is because the various nutritious and delicious options of what can you eat on the Atkins diet.