The Secret to Weight Loss by Nutritionists

The secret to weight loss should not be a secret anymore. Everyone wants to drop some pounds especially nowadays we live in a world full of treat and anything that could bring up the body weight. If you look at the diet book you will see lots of different tips and tricks. All of them seem promising. But will those things really work?

We have asked the experts and nutritionists. Basically, there are several things that could be the very critical secret to weight loss for real. And here we will provide it for you.

Secret to Weight Loss

Focus on all ingredients and not just carbohydrates

It is true if cutting off your carbs intake will take you to weight loss. But it also means that you will get the calorie deficit in overall. You will also not the result you want even if you cut lots of carbs from your meal plan but you still eat plenty of oil and nuts in it. It is also possible if you will gain weight after you cut off your carbs intake but do those things, just like what other people in nowadays do.

Reducing the overall calories in your meal plan will be much better and advisable rather than glorifying and demonizing one single nutrient like carbs. Carbs are not the right answer to drop your weight.

Do not frequently use your scale

This is an interesting part. Instead of trusting your scale, you better make your pants as the guide to your current weight. But we are not talking about the pants with elastic waist. Of course, the number you see on your scale has something to tell you especially when it comes to measuring your health. But the number can be fluctuating according to several different factors like intake of fluid, exercise, and also the time of day you use the scale.

On the other hand, your clothes will tell you so much about your current weight. For example, you find your jeans’ button is very tight. It will be the time for you to evaluate your food intake. But you also do not need to freak out if you find that you are 2 pounds heavier than yesterday. It may be just intake of sodium or you need to go to the bathroom.

Enjoy everything you eat

It is very crucial to pay attention and enjoy every meal you have. It sounds unbelievable but people who do not pay attention to what they are eating tend to hardly lose weight. Eating while watching a movie, answering email, and talking on the phone will cause overeating. This is why you need to provide full attention when you are eating.

According to research, people who pay attention to the food mindfully are less likely to get overweight than people who eat and doing anything else at one time. It is highly recommended to eat your meal in the kitchen or dining table. It will help you to stay away from unconscious eating that will always happen if you eat on bed, couch, and office.

Tech trackers are just a tool

Everyone seems like using the app or wristband that will track the calories that have been consumed and burned. Giving your trust to this tool and device will most likely cause you weight gain. You need to acknowledge yourself that the device is designed to give you the estimation and not a thing to be trusted thoroughly.

The gold standards should be based on the personal outcomes of yours. If your weight is stuck then you are not the condition of calorie deficit, regardless of what your app or tracker has said.

Drink cold water

We all agree that skipping fancy coffee and soda will help to cut down the calorie and sugar intake. But what will you drink then?

Well, it is highly recommended to drink cold water like three servings of 24-ox cold water per day. The cold water will help you to burn calories as many as 100 calories per day. But you need to keep it real cold like 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

A java habit will also help you to boost the metabolism. Caffeine in the coffee can boosts your metabolism, which also means that it will help to burn the calories. It has been proven to improve your endurance for you who like to work out harder and longer. But it is important to keep it basic. You need to avoid sugary syrup and creamers if you still want to lose weight.

Eat food you like less often

Some nutrition pros suggest you eat mini meals the whole day. But according to research, it is very flawed. The nutritionists suggest you eat as many as four meals per day. You also have to make sure that you are filling up yourself for real based on the secret to weight loss.

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