The indisputable truth about best way to lose weight that no one is sharing with you

Best way to lose weight that actually comes from evidence-based will ensure you have the appropriate result of your weight loss program. The industry of weight loss is full of facts and myths. People are advised to do A diet, B way or C method that help them to lose their weight. Most of the advice comes with evidence.  However, what is the most effective way to do? The article below will help you to find what the effective method to lose your weight is.

Facts about weight loss

There are many secrets to weight loss that expert and dietitian write. However, many people are still finding that it is hard to weight loss. This method and reference below will help you to lose weight due to evidence and science.

Drink water, especially before take meals

It is claimed that drinking water can help to weight loss and this is true. When drinking water, it will increase metabolism by 24-30% in a period of 1-1.5 hours and help you to burn more few of calories off. There is a study that shows drinking water half a liter daily about half an hour before meals will help dieter for eating fewer calories and lose more 44%.

Breakfast with eggs.

Eat whole eggs have sort of benefit include to help lose weight. A study show that replaces grain-based breakfast into eggs can help you to eat fewer calories in next 36 hours and make you able to lose more weight and also the body fat.  Cannot to eat eggs because of some reasons? Then you can choose any source of protein for your breakfast.

Drink black coffee  and Drink green tea

Drink coffee (black coffee) and it will boost your metabolism into 3-11% and increase fat burning into up 10-29%. Just ensure fro not adding any sugar or high-calorie ingredients such as milk to the coffee.

Such as coffee, green tea also has many benefit for those who want to lose their weight. Green tea has small amounts of caffeine and also loaded with antioxidant that called with catechism that believed work with caffeine to burn fat.

Cook using coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very healthy ingredient. Coconut oil has high special fat that called with a medium chain of triglycerides that metabolized differently from other fats. The fats are reported to boost metabolism into 120 calories per day and reduce appetite so you will eat fewer calories into 2456 calories a day. But remember, when you use coconut oil, it is not adding but replacing your usual oil with coconut oil.

Take more vegetables and fruit

In weight loss, both of fruit and vegetables become properties that important and effective to take. Fruit and vegetables have fewer calories but rich with fiber. They also rich in water

Take enough sleep

There are many people that underrated enough sleep as a good habit that helps to lose weight. Their studies show that poor sleep becomes one of the strongest risk factors for obesity and linked to the 89% risk of obesity that experienced by children and 55% of adults.

Take more protein

When it comes to losing weight, then the most important nutrient is protein. Eating high protein has an effective result on boosting metabolism to 80-100 calories per day; help you to feel satiated even when you eat fewer calories 441 counts per day. Another study also shows that eating protein in 25% of calories reduced the obsessive thought about food into 60% and cut desire for snacking at late night into the half. Just adding protein into the diet without restricting anything becomes the easiest way and most delicious thing to lose your weight.

What you need to do when you taking weight loss program

When you take weight loss program, there are several things that you need to consider and also to do. Before you get your weight loss success, you need to beat the food addiction on yours. This might become the hardest things people beat when they get weight loss program. A study in 2014 shows that 19.9% individual from 200.000 correspondences has a full addiction. If you are people that suffer from overpowering cravings and seem to get eating under control, no matter how hard you try to release, then it might you have the food addiction.  If you have the food addiction, then the first thing that you need to do is looking for help from the nutritionist or your doctor.

Do not “diet” but take healthy eating habit instead of weight loss program.  One thing that becomes the hardest thing when people on their “diet” are: it almost never goes in the long term. In any way, people that have “diet” just tend to gain weight more and more over the time go. The studies show that dieting becomes the consistent predictor of future weight gain. Instead of going to diet, then it is best for you to change your eating habit into a healthier eating habit. Focus on how to nourishing your body rather than depriving it. Weight loss will become a side effect that follows when you do healthy eating.

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