The 30-Second Trick for Weight Loss

The trick for weight loss can be something you want to know since dieting is sometimes a huge deal. When diet is talking about how much calories you eat every day and how to burn it all, these tricks will help you to maximize your diet process without forcing you to suffer more. Here we have the list of several tricks to drop some pounds faster. Check this out.

Trick for Weight Loss
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Make a list of what you eat for a week

According to studies, people who write diaries of their food could eat 15% less than they who do not make such a list. You can try this for a week. Still based on the research evidence, people tend to take some extra calories as much as 115 calories in the weekend especially from fat and alcohol. Well, the good news is you can do exercises on the weekend in order to lose weight. But still, you can try the trick for weight loss if you want to cut down some pounds.

If you want to cut more calories, you can try to limit your intake of snacks, drinks, condiments, sauces, dressings, and spreads. Those things could make a lot of difference when it comes to weight loss and weight gain.

Add 10 percent of extra calories you think you eat

If you believe that you eat about 1,700 calories per day but you do not understand why you are there is no change in your weight then you can add extra 170 calories to your list of estimated calories. The chance is your new number could be more accurate.

It is important to adjust your habit of eating in according way. Sometimes your morning coffee could be adding more calories than you think.

Find a weight loss buddy

You can find an online buddy to be your partner who monitored your weight loss. This is also based on research. An online partner will sustain the weight loss result way better than the buddy you see face-to-face in the support group out there. An online weight loss buddy can be your partner to share great tips to shed pounds without hard exercise.

Get some mantra of weight loss

Self-fulfilling prophecy is a real thing. You will never do good things if you only focus on all things you cannot do like avoiding junk food or going outside for evening walk, you will be more likely not doing it at all. In fact, you need to put positive thought and repeat it all the time to yourself. All you said to yourself will be true. So, it is better to say positive things rather than focusing on the negative ones.

Stick to water after breakfast

When it is your breakfast you can drink orange juice or milk. But for the rest of the day, it is better to stick with water instead of soda or other drinks. Average number of American takes extra 245 calories per day by drinking soft drinks. It is almost 90,000 calories in a year or about 25 pounds. Research also shows that other than calories, sugary beverages do not give you the fullness sense in the way the food could give.

Eat two or three fewer bites of the meal

Basically, eating or drinking less than you usually do will give significantly different even just for a week. You can start with taking one less snack a day, or one less glass of soda. By doing these things will help you to cut about 100 calories per day. And if you could that for a year, it will save you lots of calories.

Watch one less hour of TV shows

People who watch TV while eating will make them eat more than usual. This habit makes you feel full a bit longer. You may need to sacrifice an hour of your favorite TV show to focus on your food. After that, you can use the time for the evening walk. Basically, you can still do some exercises while watching television.

Wait until you hear the rumbling stomach

People always eat every time they feel bored, frustrated, nervous, or sometimes it is just a habit. In fact, they do not feel like hungry at all. Some of them even forget how it feels to be hungry. If you really want to eat certain food then it might be craving and not hunger. But if the case is you would anything you have in your hands then it might be a hunger for real.

So, it is important to recognize your own feeling so you will not get mistaken in the future. After you figure out each feeling you have then you can find another way to overcome your boredom, expressing your love or relieving your stress.

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