Paleo Diet Info, General Facts, Benefits, and Guidelines – There is a big hype about Paleo diet, claimed to be one of the biggest advantages to improving your health and helping you lose off weights. However, deciding whether it is the right dieting method for you can be quite a headache because you can’t really tell whether it is truly beneficial for you or not. After all, not all dieting methods are designed to support your system so it is crucial to make an educated decision and choice. It would be best to know the overall facts about this program before you jump in and be a part of it.

Paleo Diet Basics

The idea of Paleo diet is about imitating the lifestyle of the ancient cavemen. A lot of health researchers believe that human is naturally meat eater – and the cavemen were the proof of it. In the past where farming and agriculture hadn’t yet been discovered and evolved, the cavemen had to hunt and gather foods. They had to fish, hunt for meat, collecting fruits and nuts – and yet they remain healthy and fit. It is based on the belief that consumption packed with protein is the one responsible for their great fitness and healthy lifestyle.

You should also remember that this diet isn’t about a weight loss program, which you can ditch after you have reached the ideal weight. It is more about a lifestyle – something that you want to change or alter if you want to improve your health and fitness level. Those who are interested in this program should include meat (preferably lean meat), fruits, nuts, fish, and veggies. The balanced diet will improve your condition and overall health. You can still enjoy the balanced intake of protein, fat, and carbs, but since everything is laid out in a balanced manner, you get the nutrients from each of them.

Since this Paleo diet is based on the ancient cavemen lifestyle, there are some foods that should be avoided. Processed foods, foods with excess sugar, and such things alike should be avoided. Stick to the fresh and natural foods only – organic ones would be great. And it would be a great idea if you can cook your own meal. Paleo diet basics are more about natural foods with as little preservative or chemical substance as possible.

Paleo Diet Benefits

Naturally, when you are committed to a program, you can expect a certain benefit from it. If you are committed to Paleo diet, be prepared to enjoy some of the perks. So, what are Paleo diet benefits that you can expect from this program?

  • You can enjoy healthier and somewhat cleaner eating. In this program, you remove any processed foods that are filled with chemical preservatives – you focus more on natural and organic stuff. The removal of any excess sugar, preservative, excessive salt, and other stuff will help your system from within. By focusing on natural substance, you can expect greater improvement from your own condition
  • You can expect reduced inflammation from the consumption. You see, what you eat carelessly, it is your digestive system that will take the toll. It may be inflamed and you may suffer from some health issues. With healthier and more natural consumption, you can avoid such a problem. After all, turning to the diet means that you will have to avoid consuming sugar, alcohol, and gluten – all of them are responsible for the inflammation.
  • You will enjoy the healthier digestive system.
  • You can expect better mental clarity and overall improvement on your condition. Basically, what you eat will definitely affect you and your system. When you focus on healthier consumption and intake, your mental clarity will improve.  A lot of people who have turned to this lifestyle claim that they don’t experience any hazy or cloudy mind anymore.

Paleo Diet Plan

If you want to have a successful Paleo diet outcome, you need to come up with a plan, it is best that you should start with the shortest plan. If you check the internet, you should be able to find such a thing as 7 days plan or 14 days plan. They are designed to help and guide you through your eating management, really. In case you find that this lifestyle isn’t the perfect one for you, you can always quit. But whatever you do, always come up with a plan.

Here are some examples of the Paleo diet plan that you can try for your own benefits:

  • Day one. You can have sweet potato hash for breakfast. It is low in carbs and yet it is rich in fiber. You will have a fulfilling way to start your day. For lunch, consider having avocado tuna lettuce kebab or wrap. Satisfying and healthy lunch can be achieved from the avocado (healthy fat) and tuna (protein). This whole food will be fulfilled without compromising your health. Strawberry can be your snacks – or any fresh fruits that will refill your energy without compromising the health factor. For dinner, you can consider having cauliflower curried soup. You can complete it with green beans and salmon
  • Day two. For breakfast, have broccoli egg bake. The combination of egg and broccoli will provide the needed energy for lunch and they are healthy. For lunch, choose meatball sandwich. If you want to get rid of the bread, you can consider zucchini – although they are pretty messy. For dinner, you can have squash red curry or cauliflower rice. For snacks, consider energy or protein bars. If you want to enjoy dessert, it is up to you but you need to be extra cautious and careful about it. Coconut macaroons, for instance, can be your greatest option for tasty and fulfilling dessert.

Those are just examples of what the plan should look like. Go browse the internet and you will find tons of options that may work best for your personal preference.

Paleo Diet for Beginners

For some people, Paleo diet for beginners can be pretty complicated and confusing. In reality, though, you don’t have to be overly confused or stressed out. The program is pretty simple really – you are encouraged to consume only healthy, natural, and fresh foods instead of turning yourself into the processed ones. Beginners often find themselves overwhelmed with this program, and they simply quit in the middle of the program.

Here are some basic tips and guidance that will help you deal with the Paleo diet – and the overall new concept of the program:

  • Take it slowly. You don’t need to rush things when dealing with this program. Remember, this program is about lifestyle change.
  • Be sure to completely understand the concept. It’s okay to do it along the way but keep your mind open to any possibility
  • Check your condition. If you are completely clueless, it is advisable that you discuss it with your doctor and nutritionist. You can talk about the various options for your consumption – and the possibility that you may have to avoid some foods
  • Never skip any meal time. You should eat at least three times a day – it would be better if you can eat five to six times a day with a smaller portion.
  • Have a balanced consumption by including all the important carbs, protein, and fats.
  • Have a colored meal. If the color on your plate is bland and not appealing, you don’t do it right. They should be colorful and mouthwatering.

Paleo Diet for Diabetics

paleo diet for diabetics

Because of the benefits of this program, many believe that this lifestyle can be advantageous for people with serious health issues, such as diabetes. However, before you make an assumption that it can cure your condition, there are some things you should know.

Paleo diet isn’t a magical cure or solution. It is about managing your consumption by selecting what goes into your mouth – and it eliminates frozen foods, fast foods, and processed foods. Because you are focusing on the natural and fresh substances only, your system won’t be ‘contaminated’ with excessive salt, sugar, and other preservatives. Some people suffering from diabetes claim to experience improvement from their condition since they take part in this program.

But then again, there are some factors that may be responsible for the improvement. First, they truly focus on the healthier ingredients and foods, detoxifying their system and purely focus on their intake. If they truly choose only the natural and fresh substances, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a significant improvement. Second, different people have their own specific condition. For instance, diabetic people have different insulin resistance level, so some people can be free from their insulin shot, while some can’t – no matter how hard you try. Third, this program isn’t for everyone. It’s true that some people may experience great outcome when they turn to Paleo diet for diabetics, but some remain the same – their condition doesn’t change or even budge.

It would be best if you can talk it out with your doctor. Consider the possibility of having a stagnant condition. After all, there is always a possibility that your condition won’t change no matter how hard you try.

Paleo Diet for Vegetarians

Is it even possible to have Paleo diet for vegetarians? Isn’t Paleo diet about focusing on meat, which is the ingredient that most vegetarians avoid? If you are a vegetarian, how it is possible to have a successful Paleo diet outcome?

You need to remember that we are surrounded by limitless options of foods – there are tons of healthy options around us. The problem is, we often recognize the common ones only and forget some of the uncommon picks. If you are looking for a way to improve your Paleo experience, there are some substitute alternatives that you can try.

What are the possible Paleo diet options for vegetarians?

  • Eggs. The seemingly small and unimportant food is basically rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. It is a source of protein and also important minerals.
  • Dairy. Although true and hardcore Paleo dieters believe that dairy shouldn’t be included within the menu, some others believe that dairy is important. After all, you need to be flexible about your pick – especially if you have limited options. One of the major reasons why hardcore dieters avoid dairy is because of lactose intolerance issue. But if you have no problem with dairy products, it is okay to consume them.
  • Legumes, beans, and seeds. If you want to have a healthier option, you can soak them to reduce the phytic acid amount and also lectins.

Here is an example of how your meal plan can be if you are a vegetarian:

  • You can have a glass of smoothie, consisting of chia seeds, almond butter, coconut milk, and berries For breakfast
  • Ginger and carrot soup For lunch
  • Vegetarian burger with mushroom and sautéed zucchini. Don’t forget to include baked fries from sweet potato. If you want to have a desert, you can have berries and kefir For dinner.

Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

Among the many benefits and positive outcome of Paleo diet, weight loss is one of the biggest perks that most dieters expect. For them, it is considered convenient that they don’t have to count calories or they don’t have to limit their consumption, and yet they can experience the significant effect of losing weight.

Well, basically, Paleo diet for weight loss isn’t the final outcome of this program but it is merely a positive side effect of implementing the program. You see, when you turn to Paleo diet, you remove all of the processed foods and focus on the natural substances only. You focus on the whole foods, which provide you with a more fulfilling effect. Because of this, you no longer interested in binging or snacking. You no longer overeat or battle excessive hunger anymore. You stay satiated for a longer period of time without compromising your energy. Most people claim that they don’t only feel better and healthier, but they also experience better focus and mental clarity.

Basically, most people who turn to this Paleo diet don’t expect significant weight loss. They only expect improvement in their condition and health. But after going through the program, they find out that weight loss is often the direct result of healthier eating and wiser menu planning – which is basically a positive point and side effect of the program.

Paleo Diet Guidelines

Despite the seemingly lots of benefits and advantages that you can gain from this Paleo diet program, there are some Paleo diet guidelines that you should remember:

  • This is a consumption program that is focused on how you manage your intake and what should you include in your menu. It’s not written in stone so be flexible about it. No need to be overly rigid or hardcore about everything. Include what’s good for you and avoid what’s bad for you – it’s that simple.
  • Be sure that you are completely fit. That’s why it is always advisable that you consult your doctor first, making sure that you are up for the program. In the event that you suffer from a certain condition, you can always talk things thoroughly to find the best solution and answer. You can also develop your own meal schedule, plan, and scheme that are tailored specifically to you.
  • Stay active. It’s true that your consumption will determine your health condition, but you can’t leave out physical activities. When you can combine healthier consumption and more active physical activities, you should be able to achieve greater results.

Paleo Diet Food List

There is a certain Paleo diet food list that you can consider for the basic and general facts. But then again, you should consult your nutritionist to develop your own food list. The general and basic Paleo diet list should include:

  • Meats. Although some people say that red meat is okay, try to consume more of lean meats. Chicken, venison, bison, veal, beef, or lambs are all possible.
  • Eggs. There are some variation recipes for the eggs; you should check into them
  • Seafood.
  • Fish, especially bass, tilapia, tuna, or salmon
  • Nuts. They are okay for daily consumption but limit their amounts.
  • Fruits, especially berries and other types containing sugary contents
  • Veggies
  • Natural oils. Be sure to choose the natural ones, such as avocado, coconut, and olive

Those are some of the basic facts about this dieting program. Don’t rush things if you are interested. Make sure that Paleo diet is perfect for you and it is what you need.