Paleo Diet Plan: Its Basic Importance and Function

You should always have a Paleo diet plan if you want to have a successful outcome. Although most people think that Paleo program is good for losing weight, it is basically a lifestyle. You don’t cut it just like that after you have achieved the ideal weight. On the contrary, you need to continue your program so you can enjoy the successful, healthy, and satisfying result. Sure, such a program is great and beneficial when you want to improve your life to a healthier one but without a solid planning, you will get nowhere.

Understanding the Concept

Paleo diet is about switching your appetite and consumption pattern into what the cavemen consumed in ancient time. Back then, when farming wasn’t discovered, ancient cavemen hunted and gathered fruits or veggies for their main consumption. They ate meat, fish, nuts, veggies, and fruits as their staple foods. The idea for Paleo diet is to imitate the lifestyle of cavemen. So, what about dairy products, cereals, or lentils? There is a basic guide to what you can consume and what you should avoid.

Making a Plan

If you are new to this, you need to realize that your first to your success should be about making logical and solid Paleo diet plan. It includes your purpose and your meal plan. The greatest thing about this diet is that it is pretty flexible. Since it is not for everyone, there are steps of guidance about the plan.

You probably have heard such thing as 7 days Paleo meal plan or 21 days meal scheme. You can consider this kind of planning for slow and gradual changes. If you still doubt yourself, you should go with the 7 days plan first. Follow the direction including the provided menu and see whether it fits your needs. This is the shortest diet plan that everyone can try. In the event that you don’t find it satisfying or fits your needs, you can always stop it.

In case you are okay with it and you want to continue with the program, you can move forward to the 14 days meal plan. If you don’t find any problem with it, then you can continue with the 21-day program. Afterward, with the consideration that you already understand the things you can consume or not, you can move forward with your own alternative food combination.

From this step alone, it shows that Paleo diet plan is pretty flexible. One of the greatest things about it is that some of the plans can be divided into several periods so it gives you the chances to adjust yourself and to see whether this program is the right one for you. By dividing the plans into sections, it gives you the opportunity to see whether you want to continue with the program or not.

Vegetarian Paleo

Since Paleo diet is about consuming meat, fish, and eggs, what about vegetarians? Is it possible to have Paleo diet for vegetarians? As a matter of fact, vegetarians can take part in this diet program, believe it or not. Of course, there is a certain scheme developed for vegetarians, but it is possible to have the plan for them.

The major challenge for this diet is to make sure that you have enough protein. The problem is, how can you get the protein without the meat? On the contrary to what you believe, some of the veggies have a protein abundant source of protein, Things like spinach, broccoli, avocado, potatoes, spirulina, almonds, walnuts, hemp seed, and pistachios are packed with the protein. For some people, it takes only a little bit of adjustments to get themselves to the healthier version. Instead of having grain-based meals, the healthier version is just satisfying and even more fulfilling for a longer time.

There are some alternatives when it comes to this vegetarian Paleo diet. First of all, consuming eggs is free – depending on your preference. Are you the vegan who consumes eggs? Are you the one who doesn’t consume eggs? It is up to you. Feel free if you want to consume supplements too. Some people take supplements but they already take those supplements before dedicating themselves to Paleo diet. Some don’t take supplements at all, and they feel fine.

Keep in mind, though, that your body will definitely experience a change. Give it a time and your body will adjust itself to the new condition. It is pretty normal to feel weak and sluggish during the first week. Just hang on to it and you will feel your condition improves. In fact, the changes to your energy level are pretty surprising. The first weeks may be the worst but after a few days, it would improve on its own. Most vegans who have gone through the experience claim that they feel better, even greater after they pass the first week.

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Here are some examples of what you can consume within the first 7 days. This is the shortest and simplest Paleo diet plan that you can try – to see how you like it.

  • Menu for day 1. Escarole and salmon packets, lemon tarragon butter for dinner. If you don’t have tarragon, use rosemary or thyme for the herbs. For lunch, try white bean and chicken salad. For breakfast, bacon and bean taco will be okay.
  • Menu for day 2. Breakfast, consider yogurt and raspberry cereal. Lunch, the west coast toast will be perfect. Dinner, green curry soup with mushrooms, spinach, broccoli stems, and green beans would be perfect. The curry has this nice spicy feel.
  • Menu for day 3. Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, chicken, and arugula salad for lunch will be a healthy option. For breakfast, try butter apple peanut smoothie. For dinner, try white bean and creamy avocado wrap.
  • Menu for day 4. Cilantro spaghetti and garlic shrimp squash for lunch will be satisfying. Ricotta and fig oatmeal for breakfast should do it, while Portobello and collards grilled cheese for dinner should be okay.
  • Menu for day 5. Sweet potatoes and roast chicken for dinner. For breakfast, chia berry muffin and peanut butter will do it. Hummus edamame wrap for lunch is okay.
  • Menu for day 6. Picatta butter for broccoli rabe and roasted swordfish is okay, completing black beans southwestern salad for lunch and smoked cheddar muffin for breakfast.
  • Menu for day 7. Sausage stuffed apples for dinner will be complete, with spicy ramen noodles for lunch and spinach scrambled eggs and smoked trout for lunch. What do you think about these Paleo diet plan schemes?