Paleo Diet for Diabetics: Are There Real Benefits for It?

There are different opinions about Paleo diet for diabetics. Despite the claimed benefits, there are some different opinions about this diet, especially for those with diabetic problems. Is the dieting program good for the diabetics or will they only suffer more from implementing this program? Find out the basic explanations about this type of dieting program.

Different Types of Health Research

Before you immediately decide to switch to this healthy diet, it would be best to know some of the options as well as the other possible gains. According to some studies, people suffering from diabetes type 2 have experienced health improvement only 2 weeks.

Health experts have their own theories, but these claims are based on their logical thinking – not based on the experimental studies. They believe that the healthy contents of the meal are responsible for the improved conditions. The possibility of more fibers and the reduction of sugar is the major reason why their condition improves. The inclusion of more antioxidants and also micronutrients are responsible for the healthier microflora inside the gut.

From these facts, it is quite obvious that carbs aren’t equal. Naturally, carbs from veggies and fruits are healthier because they are packed with micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants – when compared to carbs from wheat.

Not to mention that the contents of the paleo diet are packed with healthy nutrients that hardly would raise the blood sugar. Because the focus of the diet is on protein, which means lean meat, the dieters will limit their carbs intake. If you have learned biology, you’d known that carbs are responsible for the raised blood sugar – a condition that you don’t want to experience when you have diabetes. But since carbs intake will be limited and the diet is focused on protein, you won’t need to be overly concerned about your health. After all, this is the purpose of Paleo diet for diabetics in a whole.

The Skepticism

Despite the Paleo diet benefits, there are some skeptical opinions about the impact of the program for diabetics. Some of the nutrition experts claim that Paleo diet for diabetics isn’t a well-balanced diet because it focuses on certain groups of foods only and eliminates the others. In fact, nutritionists believe that a heavy focus on red meat and protein only can cause a further issue for diabetics because they are more prone to heart disease risks. It would be useless if you can control the blood sugar but you suffer from a heart condition, don’t you think so?

Other health experts, however, a reason that such a problem can be minimized or prevented with some smart movements. Paleo dieters should restrict their saturated fats and red meats consumption in order to bring down the cholesterol level. They are encouraged to consume lean meat (fish or chicken) for the protein and unsaturated foods for the fats.

One of the easy and healthy examples of the menu is:

  • a plate of bacon, eggs, and veggies for breakfast,
  • spinach for lunch,
  • mixed veggies with ribs and barbecue sauce (the low carb type, of course) for dinner.

What about snacks? Feel free to consume canned tuna, cheese, boiled eggs, sardines, salmon, and sardines. Some veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, celery sticks, and green peppers are also a great option. This is only an example of the Paleo diet for diabetics – feel free to alternate the options.

The Considerations

Before jumping to conclusions, there are some things you need to consider before you make decisions about this program. First of all, you need to remember that each person has its own different condition. Some diabetic people may experience improvement after taking part in Paleo diet while the others may experience a downgrade condition.

Moreover, some people claim that they are able to be free from insulin shots – which they have to take on a daily basis – after undergoing the diet. They may be able to improve their condition but it doesn’t mean that they will be completely free from the shots for good. They will need it once in a while so don’t think about getting rid of your shots.

In the end, diabetes can be challenging and it is definitely not easy for being a diabetic. But you can always consult your doctor and your nutritionist;  whether it would be safe based on your condition.