Paleo Diet Benefits and Getting Back to the Basic: Why Not?

Maybe you’ve heard about Paleo Diet, there are so many pros and cons about Paleo diet benefits. First, let’s talk about what Paleo diet is before we learn about the benefits. Basically, Paleo diet is eating what our ancestors, the cavemen, ate and avoid foods that the cavemen didn’t eat. In other words, eating the food the earth has provided without processing it first in factories.  It sounds simple but it has a lot of benefits by doing it.

Paleo Diet Benefits

The Good Part of Paleo Diet

For those who want to lose weight, build some muscles, live healthier but got overwhelmed by counting calories; paleo diet is the answer. All you have to do is focus on what is right to eat, not on counting the calories you eat. Paleo diet means not to eat foods that didn’t exist back then in the cavemen time. So that means no grain, no processed food, no sugar, and no dairy. Dairy? Doesn’t it already exist back then? Yes, it is, but only infants who had dairy as food. By not putting grains, processed food, sugar, and dairy on your plate or glass, you can have so many benefits.

So let’s see the Paleo diet food list and the benefits that come out of it. Hundred thousand of years ago, our ancestors collected their food by hunting and gathering. Then thousand years later they discovered farming and agriculture. Since then, our lifestyle has changed a lot although our genetics hasn’t much changed. We consume grains and sugar every single day while we move and work outdoor less and lesser. We don’t really realize that our bodies never adjusted to consuming all the grains and sugar properly.  So here come new diseases our ancestors never had.

paleo diet pyramid - Paleo Diet Benefits

The Concept

When we over consumed grains and sugar our bodies will not be able to process all of it. Most will be restored as fat in our bodies. The more we eat and least we move, the more fat our bodies store. As result, we gain weight. Thus, it is the best to avoid grains and sugar at all, according to Paleo diet benefits. Grain-based food such as pasta, pieces of bread, rice, and noodles are indeed delicious and part of our main everyday menus. It’s indeed quite difficult to completely erase it from our menus, but our bodies don’t need a lot of carbohydrates to function. We can substitute carbs from grains with carbs from vegetables and sweet potatoes. As long we don’t fry them and it’s not factory processed, we can eat them as much as we want.

Next on the list to avoid is sugar. As we already know, sugar is here on earth to sweeten our lives, literary. But too much sugar will cause great damages. Too much sugar intake can cause you diabetes, blood coagulation, etc. Our body only needs a small amount of sugar every day. Just like carbs from grains, the rest will be either burnt as energy or stored as fat. If we don’t do enough exercises, more sugar and cabs will be stored as fat.  Paleo diet benefits believe that our bodies get enough sugar from fruits. We can forget about sweet-turn out-bad things like cakes, sweet iced tea and leave them behind.

Where do we get our energy from?

So if we don’t consume grains and sugar, where do we get our energy from? Before we go to that, we need to remember that our body is originally designed to operate on low carbs and sugar intake. It’s our lifestyle that makes us use to consume sugar and carbs excessively. So once we put our mind on the right track and start to eat natural food, our bodies will follow. It will produce energy by burning our stored fat in a process called ketogenesis. That’s when we become fit and healthier.

Why dairy avoid?

The rest on the list to avoid are dairy and processed food. Why dairy? Because more and more people are lactose intolerant. Studies also found out that no other creatures than modern human consume milk beyond infancy. Actually, just like carbs and sugars, our bodies can’t process many dairy intakes, no matter how delicious they are. As for processed food, aside from its practicality and deliciousness almost nothing good comes out of it. For example, average American’s sodium intake is already way passed than it should be and three-quarters of that intake comes from processed food according to Harvard School of Public Health.

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What to Consume?

So if Paleo diet benefits suggest that we must avoid sugar, grains, processed food and dairy as our food, what’s left to eat? Rest your worry; there are tons of foods we can still eat.

  • Meat – choose the grass-fed rather than the grain fed cattle. As they cause problems to humans, grains cause the same problems to cattle.
  • Vegetables – don’t to fry them. You’ll damage the goods in it.
  • Fish – if you can, please avoid farmed fish because we don’t know chemical things mixed in the food they fed of
  • Eggs – look for free-range chicken eggs. It’s rich with omega3
  • Fruits – you can have any fruits you want and they supply you with natural sugar your body needs.
  • Fowl – chickens, turkeys, ducks; if they are from free-range farms, it’s better.
  • Oil – avocado oils, coconut oil, olive oil, we still need them, as long as it’s natural.
  • Nuts – they provide us with calories we need. Just don’t eat too much.
  • Tubers – sweet potatoes and yams are good to eat after a workout for its high calories and carbs.

if you are going to give paleo diet a try, do it for 30 days first and mark the improvements you’ve gain from it. When you feel like you have improved a lot then go for it. If it is too hard for you to completely cut out sugar, grains, dairy and processed food, then gradually minimize those food intakes from your daily menus and your body will adjust fine. A good research and strong will on how to do the diet will bring you great Paleo diet benefits.