Military Diet Vegetarian: Menu and Tips

Military diet vegetarian is military diet program for those who are vegetarian or people who can’t eat dairy products. Most people may think that a strict diet isn’t necessarily done by vegetarians. Well, that’s a false thought. Who says that vegetarians do not need a strict diet? Military diet can be done even by vegetarians. Military diet provides specified menu for those who can’t consume dairy products. A lot of vegetarians are doing military diet also to get a significant weight loss in a short period of time. Doing military diet is not complicated. It is even a very easy and simple type of diet plan that everyone can do.

Military Diet Vegetarian

Staying Healthy and Fit without Meat

Having weight problem can be very frustrating for some people. Too much weight can cause a number of diseases that can even put our life in danger if we don’t do anything to deal with it. Taking a diet program can be a perfect way to deal with weight problem. There are great numbers of diet programs offered that have their own way to help cutting off our weight in a short period of time. Military diet is one of those diet programs. It guarantees to help you lose up to 10 pounds in only a week time. Military diet vegetarian is one of the programs in the military diet that is intended for those people who avoid or can’t eat meat or dairy products.

Quick weight loss is what many diet programs have been promoted, but military diet is probably the easiest and cheapest one.Moreover, it naturally helps losing weight without doing strong physical exercises, and so does military diet vegetarian. Is this military diet vegetarian different from the original version? Well, it is actually not so different from military diet we have known. The vegetarian version is nearly the same to the original one, the one that differentiate is that vegetarian military diet substitutes the use of egg, meat and tuna with foods other than those. The point is that we vegetarians can still be fit and healthy even they don’t eat meat.

Vegetarian Military Diet Menu

Let’s check the following menu for military diet vegetarian:


  1. For breakfast menu, vegetarians can have ½ of grapefruit, a slice of whole wheat bread toast, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a cup of coffee or tea (without sugar).
  2. For lunch menu, you can have a slice of whole wheat bread toast, 150 gram tofu and a cup of coffee or tea (without sugar)
  3. For dinner menu, the options are a small apple, a cup of green beans, 100 grams of cooked beans: kidney beans, chickpeasor lentils, and for dessert you can have a cup of vanilla ice cream.


  1. For breakfast: a slice of whole wheat bread toast, 200 ml of soy milk and half of banana.
  2. For lunch: 100 grams of cooked beans, a cup of cheddar or cottage cheese and five saltine crackers.
  3. For dinner: a cup of broccoli, half cup of carrots, two soy dogs or tofu dogs (off course without buns), half banana and half cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day 3

  1. Breakfast menu are a small piece of apple, a slice of cheddar cheese and saltine crackers.
  2. Lunch menu are a slice of whole wheat bread toast and 100 grams of cooked beans.
  3. Dinner menu are half of banana, 150 grams of tofu and half cup of vanilla ica cream.

If you’re going to take military diet or military diet vegetarian specifically, you need to recall that what matters is the calories not the quantity.

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How to Successfully Complete Military Diet Vegetarian

The followings are the steps or tips of how to complete the vegetarian military diet successfully. Actually it is not only for vegetarians specifically but to all people who take this type of strict diet.

  • Always drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. You should know that drinking enough water can help washing the dangerous infections out from your body. In that way, it also helps you lose weight much more quickly.
  • Avoid drinking soda. No soft drinks even they are diet sodas as they has no nutritional value.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while you’re on diet.
  • Fill in your refrigerator with military diet foods so that you’ll be easy to stick with the menu.
  • You can substitute the foods of the military diet vegetarian or the original one with other foods which contain the same amount of calories. What you need to do is jut choose the substitute foods from the list and carry on the diet.

Performing military diet is always be easy and effective. However, the key to the success of doing this diet is your commitment. if you have big commitment, you’ll be successful in completing this military diet vegetarian.