Healthy Military Diet Plan Substitutions

Military diet plan substitutions foods are foods or meals that can substitute the function of the original foods used for military diet. Military diet is a very low-calorie diet plan which has to be done for several days (3 days to be exact). It obliges you to eat only low caloric foods and doesn’t allow you to have snacks between meals. If you can change your regular diet into the military diet, it is a big possibility for you to get the weight loss you have dreamed of. Many people who have tried to prove the effectiveness of military diet say that you can lose your weight up to 10 pounds only in a week.

Military Diet Plan Substitutions

Healthy Food Substitutions

Military diet is a type of diet which a lot of people are fond of because of its easiness and cheapness. You won’t need to buy any book or supplement in doing a military book. What you need to do is eating the specific foods which are recommended and effective in helping burn your body fats. Those specific foods contain low calorie which is needed to cut off the excessive weight of your body.

Too much intake of calories in your body is one of the factors which cause a person of having a gain weight. You don’t know the exact amount of calories you consume each day which you may not realize gaining your weight.  Military diet provides you a list of low-calorie food that has to be consumed in the effort of losing up some pounds from your body.

The list of low-calorie foods in the military diet plan menu is intended to help burning the fats in your body. You need to eat those foods as the menu of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 3 days of the diet cycle. However, I believe that not all the foods in the military diet food list are edible to you. I’m sure there are some of the foods that you don’t like or can’t be eaten due to some reasons. Well, don’t think that as a problem that makes you unwilling to do the military diet.

Military diet program also has military diet plan substitutions that mean you can change the foods from the menu list with other foods. However, you can’t just substitute the foods in the military diet with any kinds of food. You can always swap the foods in the military diet menu with other foods that contain the same amount of calories. They are, of course, as healthy as the foods they are replaced You can check in the nutrition label or consult with your nutritionist to know what foods can replace the foods in the menu of military diet.

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To help you get easier finding what foods will be the best replacement for the foods you don’t eat in the military diet plan menu, here I’m giving you the list of military diet plan substitutions that you can consider:

  1. In the menu of military diet, you will find a slice of toast, instead of using wheat toast try replacing it with a small serving of whole grains (for example, brown rice or gluten-free oats) or you can also try to have a baked sweet potato which is a completely unrefined source of carbohydrates.
  2. If you really love to eat meat, it is recommended not to consume any types of meat. Avoid processed meats of all types. That’s including hot dogs, salami, cold cuts, etc. You can try other healthy sources of protein like salmon, turkey, eggs or other kinds of fish if you don’t like beef, chicken or tuna fish.
  3. Eating sugary processed foods such as ice cream has to be limited in the military diet. Instead of ice cream, you can try to make snacks similar to ice cream with the addition of vanilla extract, raw cocoa powder, and stevia extract. Or you can add them with a plain yogurt or frozen banana.
  4. Other military diet plan substitutions are for you who can’t eat dairy products due to allergies. You can replace cottage cheese and other cheeses with an extra portion of eggs, fish, meat or soaked beans. You can also substitute the conventional cow’s milk yogurt with raw or plain goat milk yogurt. It’s because our body is easier to digest goat milk, particularly when it is fermented to become yogurt.
  5. If you want to replace peanut butter, try other healthy fats such as a small portion of cashew or walnuts, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, or extra virgin olive hummus.
  6. For you vegans or vegetarians, you can use brown rice or pea protein powder, soaked beans, nuts, seeds, hemp, tempeh, and whole grains to substitute the servings of dairy products or meat as part of healthy military diet plan substitutions.