Military Diet Day 1: the Calorie and Meal plan

­Military diet day 1 is very important and requires careful preparation. As you have known, military diet or sometimes called the 3 Day Diet, is incredibly strict for its first three days since it is a fast way to lose some pounds in a week, and yet the following four-day cycle is easier once you have passed the three-day cycle. If you think you can do in military diet day 1, then continue the rest plan of military plan.

Losing weight is never an easy thing. In order to do it till the end and gain an ideal body weight, having a strong will and firm determination is the key. First thing first, you have to set your mind to prepare your physical and emotional condition to tackle the many obstacles that will appear before you. Of course the challenge that you will face ahead won’t be easy, but once you have set your mindset, you will be able to go through this strict diet plan.

Military Diet Day 1

Day 1: the Calorie

For military diet day 1, the calorie needed is approximately 1400. That count includes the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can count the calorie intake with calorie calculator or follow the following military diet plan for day 1 (which will be discussed soon). The usual menu in military diet day one usually includes; grapefruit, a slice of toast ( wholegrain bread) with peanut butter, a cup of coffee or tea, a half cup of tuna, three ounces of meat (any type), green beans, a half banana, an apple, and a cup of vanilla ice cream. If you count those meal menus, their calorie will sum up to ± 1400.

A half grapefruit contains 45 cal, a slice of toast with two spoons peanut butter has 320 cal, and a cup of tea or coffee is about 5 cal. A half cup of tuna has about 150 cal and the calorie in three ounces of meat is about 300 cal (depend on the type of meat, but they almost have the same calorie amount). A cup of green beans has about 35 calories. A half banana contains 50 calories while an apple (the small one) has 75 calories. And the last 300 calories is in a cup of vanilla ice cream.

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Day 1: Meal Plan and Menu

You still haven’t forgotten that military diet is one of the strict diets that required compliance in order to work, have you? Just like its name, military diet is very strict when it comes to following the meal plan. Once you have done with checking the nutritional amount in the food for the diet, you can now start planning the menu for your meal for the military diet day 1. With careful plan, you can suppress your hunger easily and effectively. You do not need to worry, with the following meal plan your body won’t deprive of its required nourishment. Here are the meal plans that you can follow for your military diet day 1:


Breakfast is the most essential meal time of the day. You can’t skip this meal if you want to be healthy. Your military diet will start from breakfast, so it is important to start the day properly. For breakfast, you can have;

  • A half slice of grapefruit. Grapefruit is a friendly fruit for any type of diet. Choose a regular sized grapefruit and cut it in half. Save a half sliced for later, and you can have the other half for breakfast.
  • A toast and two tbsps. peanut butter. To give your body the needed carbohydrate, you can have a wholegrain toast and two tbsps. peanut butter.
  • A cup of coffee or tea. For the drink, you can choose to have a cup of coffee or tea. Now you are ready to start the military diet day 1.


When the lunch time comes, you can have your second meal of the day with;

  • A half cup of plain tuna
  • A toast. The toast for lunch, you can’t spread any kind of butter or jam. Just eat the toast as it is.
  • A cup of coffee or tea. You can choose between a black coffee or green tea.


Finally the last meal of the day! For dinner you can have;

  • Meat. The meat that you have waited to eat is finally here. Eat three ounces of your favorite meat for dinner.
  • Green Beans. A cup of green beans will go well with your meat.
  • Banana and apple. A half banana and a small sized apple are the fruits that you can have.
  • Vanilla ice cream. Craving for some ice cream? Well, you can have a cup of vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Those are the meal plans that you can write on your diet timetable for military diet day 1.