What you need to Know about Military Diet Cottage Cheese Substitute

Military diet cottage cheese substitute are other foods that can replace the function of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is one of the several numbers of foods that are allowed to be consumed during the 3 day military diet. Military diet or popularly known as 3 day military diet requires all people who want to do this diet to lessen their consumption of caloric foods. They have to eat all foods that contain fewer calories as too much calories intake can result in gaining your weight. In purposes to cut off up to 10 pounds in a week, military diet restricts the caloric intake to your body.

Military Diet Cottage Cheese Substitute

Military Diet Foods Substitute to work for everyone

Military diet cottage cheese substitute is one of military diet foods substitutes that can also be consumed as diet menu per day as the substitute foods has the same amount of calories. However, the substitution isn’t essentially about size or calories but about meals or foods that do wellsimultaneously to accelerate fat burning. We want to ensure that the foods substitutes really have the same or close amount of calories as the original food allowed in the military diet menu.

Not all foods in the 3 day military can work for everyone. That’s why you can always substitute the foods in the menu with the substitute foods. But off course you have to make sure that the food has the same amount or size of carbohydrates, fat and protein from the original food. If you can’t decide it by yourself, you can always look up nutrition level to make it sure. But the most important point in food substitution of military diet is to make certain that you substitute foods has the same amount of calories. It’s not the size that matters in the military diet food substitution but the calories amount the food contains.

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Here are the examples of food substitution of military diet including military diet cottage cheese substitute:

  1. Grapefruit Substitute – some people can’t consume this fruit as they are in the middle of medication that doesn’t allow them to eat grapefruit. Some others aren’t fond of the taste of it. What food can substitute grapefruit? Well, you can take half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it. Baking soda produces alkaline which helps increase the pH balance of the body. it is good for fat burning.
  2. A cup of coffee or tea (with caffeine) – if you are less fond of these two drinks you can swap it with hot chocolate that contains little amount of caffeine. Remember to not to use artificial sweeteners.
  3. A slice of Toast – you can substitute it with half cup of whole grain cereal, a quarter cup of yogurt with half teaspoon of flax seeds, half high protein bar, one eight cup of sunflower seeds. You can also swap the bread with two rice cakes or one tortilla.
  4. Cottage cheese – there are some foods you can use as military diet cottage cheese substitute. You can use eggs, ham, cheddar cheese, ricotta cheese or Greek Yogurt. If you are less fond of dairy products you can substitute cottage cheese with tofu as it contains similar nutrients. And if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, a cup of unsweetened almond, hemp or soy and two tbsp. of hummus to swap cottage cheese.
  5. Hot dogs (without bun) – you can substitute it with baloney, deli meat, luncheon meat, soy dogs, tofu dogs, turkey dogs, or bratwurst. For vegetarians, you can change the hot dogs with beans, lentils or Portobello mushrooms.
  6. A cup of vanilla ice cream – for you who doesn’t like vanilla ice cream you can change it with apple juice or fruit flavored yogurt. For vegetarians and vegans who avoid dairy products can use dairy free ice cream. Moreover, strawberry or banana flavored almond milk is a good non dairy substitute.
  7. 5 saltine crackers – the perfect substitution for saltine crackers is rice crackers. If you want to swap it with any other crackers, you should ensure what you’re munching has similar amount of calories. You can also substitute saltine crackers for plain toast or whole-grain cereal.

Eating foods recommended for military diet menu each day really helps you burn your unnecessary fats. When you find out about what foods are allowed or not allowed to be eaten during military diet, you may find some food you can’t eat for some reasons. You don’t need to worry as you still have options to substitute the foods with a requirement. You can swap the food in your military diet menu with other foods as long as they have the same amount of calories from the foods you are substituted. One of the food substitutions in the cycle of military diet is military diet cottage cheese substitute.