Military Diet Calories – Count Before You Eat

Military diet calories are the main concern in performing 3 day military diet. Military diet is a type of diet plan which requires the dieters to limit the consumption of calories to the body for 3 days in a row. You can have 4 days off to return to your normal diet and then carry on the military diet at the following weekend. To get the weight loss we want, military diet obliges you to eat no more than 1500 calories of your breakfast, lunch and dinner serving menu. If you consume meals or foods with the right number of calories per day in 3 day military diet it is possible for you to get the perfect results of weight loss.

Military Diet Calories

The Calories Count

For you who suffer from obesity or overweight, it is strongly advised that you cut off the fats in your body if you want to avoid diseases coming into your body. Having an overweight is not healthy which can cause your body immune becomes vulnerable in getting many diseases. Military diet provides you a simple cheap diet plan to lose your weight. Military diet doesn’t require you to buy a book or drink supplement to cut your fats off your body. All you need to do is not to eat more than 1500 calories for 3 days. It requires you to limit the intake of calories to your body.

For 3 days in a row, you have to count the military diet calories intake to your body. You must make sure that you don’t eat too many calories in those days. To do so, the military diet has their own diet plan menu to be consumed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The diet plan menu contains the healthy low-calorie foods that have the best ability in burning fats.

How many calories do we need to consume in those 3 days of military diet? Here is the list of the low-calorie foods recommended for military diet along with the detail of military diet calories count.

Military Diet Calories

  • On day 1 you need to consume 1400 calories which you can get from the following foods:
  1. Small apple – 75 calories
  2. Half of the banana – 50 calories
  3. A cup of green beans – 35 calories
  4. A cup of coffee or tea with caffeine– 5 calories
  5. A slice of toast – 120 calories
  6. A half cup of tuna – 150 calories
  7. Half grapefruit – 45 calories
  8. A slice of toast – 120 calories
  9. Two tbsp. of peanut butter – 200 calories
  10. Three ounces of meat (any type) — 300 calories
  11. A cup of vanilla ice cream – 300 calories
  • On day 2 your intake of calories is 1200 calories which you can get from the following foods:
  1. An egg – 75 calories
  2. Half of the banana – 50 calories
  3. A slice of toast – 120 calories
  4. One hard-boiled egg – 75 calories
  5. 5 saltines crackers – 70 calories
  6. A cup of cottage cheese – 230 calories
  7. Two hot dogs (without a bun) – 350 calories
  8. Half of the banana – 50 calories
  9. A half cup of carrots – 25 calories
  10. A cup of broccoli – 35 calories
  11. A half cup of vanilla ice cream – 150 calories
  • Day 3 is the most strict of the 3 day military diet as on this day you only need to consume 1100 calories from the following foods:
  1. One small apple – 75 calories
  2. A slice of cheddar cheese or an ounce of it – 120 calories
  3. Five saltines A slice of toast – 120 calories
  4. A slice of toast – 120 calories
  5. One hard-boiled egg (or you can cook it however you like) – 75 calories
  6. Half of the banana – 50 calories
  7. A cup of tuna – 300 calories
  8. A cup of vanilla ice cream – 300 calories

Those low-calorie foods list with military diet calories counts really helps you in measuring the right calorie intake of your body. No need to worry if you feel that you don’t like the foods in the list as you still can substitute them with other foods as long as the substitutions have the same amount of calories. If you can eat exactly what military diet tells you to, there’s no doubt that you can get the weight loss up to 10 pounds in only a week time.

Also don’t lose yourself on the military diet 4 days off. Try to keep consuming healthy foods with low calorie if you want to maintain your body weight. I am sure you don’t want to gain more weight during the 4 days off, do you? So you still have to control the intake of caloric foods during those four days. Try to not eat foods which have higher calories from military diet calories.