Eco Atkins Diet Plan: What You Have to Eat and Do

Eco Atkins diet plan is the vegan version of the original Atkins diet, which has been around for decades as a low carbs intake diet program. Just like its ancestor, this vegetarian version is also a restricted carbs intake diet and high in protein, but it doesn’t use animal fats. The Eco Atkins diet is designed after researchers decided to design a low carbohydrate diet that is able to maintain the weight loss benefit of a low carbohydrate just like Atkins diet program. While studying this, they found that the Eco Atkins diet can also help the dieters improve their good cholesterol and blood pressure when following the vegetarian version. Moreover, it claims that the dieters can lose up to 8 pounds in a month.

In the Archive of Internal Medicine record, some researchers at the University in Toronto put together some overweight people, men, and women, and split them into two groups. The first group follows the Eco Atkins diet plan while the other follows a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian diet. Both show a great result in the span of four weeks. But the Eco Atkins diet shows 0.6% more in reducing the bad cholesterol.

Eco Atkins Diet Plan

What You Can Eat in Eco Atkins Diet

In this vegetarian version of the Atkins diet, instead of eating steak, bacon, meat stew, or any animal products, the dieters should consume healthy fat, soy, beans, nuts, seeds, non-starchy gluten product, fruits, and vegetables. These foods will give your body complete nutrient. The dieters can obtain good fat from canola oil, olive oil, nuts, and avocado. And for the carbs source, you can get it from fruits, vegetables, cereal, and a limited amount of oats and barley. So where does the protein of the Eco Atkins diet come from? It comes from many sources, such as; Soy milk, yogurt, edamame, black soybeans, nuts, seeds, tofu, and eggs.

The Eco Atkins Diet Plan

The Eco Atkins diet contains the same amount of carbs and protein as the Atkins diet. But unlike in the original Atkins diet that uses animal fats, the protein source for the Eco Atkins diet plan comes from healthy fats, soy, beans, nuts, seeds, and non-starchy gluten product. The diet also provides its dieters with high fiber and nutritious food from fruits and vegetables. Below is the meal plan for a day that you can try yourself.

Breakfast: In the Echo Atkins diet plan, instead of having your breakfast with an animal product, you can have a bowl of cereal. Or you can eat a slice of whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter along with a cup of soy milk.

Lunch: When the lunchtime comes, have a ¼ block of firm tofu and a cup of strawberries. If you can consume a dairy product, you can have ¾ cup of cottage cheese to substitute the tofu.

Dinner: When you are ready for having dinner, you can prepare vegetables with some grains combination. Have a cooked brown rice and a cup of broccoli. Or you can have a cup of cooked lentils served along with a cup cooked spinach.

Snack: Just like in the Atkins diet, the Eco Atkins diet plan also includes snacks in their diet plan. You can snack in between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner to help you fill your stomach in between meal. You can have a cup of mixed nuts and seeds or a cup of almonds.

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How to Follow the Plan?

The Eco Atkins diet uses the same phases as the original Atkins diet.

  • Phase 1 – induction
  • Phase 2 – balancing
  • Phase 3 – pre-maintenance
  • Phase 4 – long-term maintenance

If you have decided to do the Eco Atkins diet, you have to know the rule that makes the Eco Atkins diet different from the original Atkins diet. Since the vegetarian version is using the only vegetable as the protein source, many dieters give up when they are in the first phase since it is quite difficult to go on with their day with only vegetables as the protein source. If you are willing to eat a plain chicken breast, then go with it to get the standard low carbs diet.

The reason that the phase 1 is difficult, many dieters start their Eco Atkins diet plan from the phase 2. If you start at phase 2, you will get enough carbs at least 25 grams a day. After you have done phase 2 for 2 weeks, you can count your weight loss. If you lose a pound a week, then you can move to the phase 3 and add 10 grams carbs into your diet. Then, slowly move to the phase 4.

What you have to remember is that the vegetarian protein source is lower in saturated fat than animal-based product, so you have to add more healthy fat in your Eco Atkins diet plan.

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