Does the 3 day military diet work? How does it Work?

Does the 3 day military diet work? Maybe some of you who have come across the 3 day military diet program ever wondered about how the diet works or if it really works for a dieter. The military diet program sounds pretty interesting and intriguing, moreover for those who want to lose weight quickly. Let’s take a look at what all this buzz is about.

Does the 3 day military diet work

What is Military Diet?

This program is like what any dieter has ever dreamt about. You eat food that is not usually included in diet program, like ice cream and hotdogs, and lose up to 10 pounds in a week, no doubt that many people ask about ” does the 3 day military diet work?”. The military diet program a.k.a. 3 day military diet program is a diet program that requires you to take a low-calorie food in three days per week. On the fourth to seventh days of the week, you can eat food no more than 1500 calories a day.

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How Does It Work?

How does the 3 day military diet work? In the interval of a week, the military diet is divided into two phases. Just like what it is called, the “3 day military diet”, the first three days of the week is calorie restricted. You can only eat foods that are in your military diet timetable. As you have known that the military diet is very strict, so you cannot stray from the plan since it will affect the result. On the fourth day to the seventh day of the week, you can eat what you want. Despite the fact that the designers of the military diet program claim that you can eat anything you want, they actually still restrict your calorie intake, and that is up to 1500 calories, to get the best out of the best result. So, does the 3 day military diet work? It can be answered by a “yes” or “no” since the speed of weight loss rate in every person is different. Even though the promoters of this program say that they can lose 10 pounds in three to seven days, it won’t work the same for every individual.

How many times should you follow the 3 day military diet for it to work?

Does the 3 day military diet work? How long does it take to get the target weight? Well, since this diet program is based on low-calorie intake, you will, without a doubt, lose weight. But this diet program is too low on calorie, so I won’t recommend you to follow the military diet program too often since it is not healthy and will harm your body. Do the military diet at least twice a month. Do the military diet in the first week and have the next week off (the real free days). You can eat more food in the second week. Then do the military diet again in the third week. Losing weight is never easy and there is no shortcut to reach your weight goal. If you are seriously want to do a diet program, follow the program thoroughly and patiently.

Possible Side Effects of 3 Day Military Diet

The most asked question on the internet about 3 day military diet is “does the 3 day military diet work?” Before finding out the answer to that question yourself, it is better if you know the potential side effect of the 3 day military diet it brings. Sure that the diet program gives you many benefits, such as rapid weight loss in a week, providing the dieters with protein-dense foods (which is good since it can help you feel full longer and eat less-calorie that is needed in weight loss program), or tell you to eat some fruit and vegetables daily. But, despite all that benefits, there are also some side effects that can affect your health;

1. Non-Nutrient Dense Food

Some of the foods in the military diet (ice cream, peanut butter, hot dogs) are not nutrient-dense food. The diet is only focusing in limiting the calorie without regard to the importance of nutrient balance.

2. Too Low in Calorie

If you do this diet for a long time, it will do no good to your body. The daily menu is too low on calorie that can trigger a starvation mode, which will later be affecting your activity, digestion, and body functions.

3. Unhealthy Eating Habits with Poor Sustenance

The meal plan in 3 day military diet is sure can bring you to a rapid weight loss. They only count the calorie and told you that low-calorie intake is the key in losing weight and tell you to ignore your hunger. If you continue to do this, then surely your body will break down.

What do you think? I hope that you can find the answer to the question of “does the 3 day military diet work?”