Atkins Diet Side Effects: the ‘Good’s and the ‘Bad’s Side Effects

Atkins diet side effects are caused by the low carbs intake while dieting. Every diet program, even though they promised a long-term weight loss, always comes with a side effect whether a good one or a bad one. That happens because of the reduction of some major nutrient that the body needs to adjust and find some other source to substitute the lost energy. The Atkins diet, which uses low carbs intake as the key ingredient for weight loss, will give the dieters some side effects as well. Let’s take a look at some Atkins diet side effects

The ‘Good’ Side Effect of Atkins Diet

Aside from helping you to lose weight, Atkins diet also gives you many good side effect. Below are some good Atkins diet side effects;

  1. Fat burning: As you have known that the Atkins diet reduces your carbs intake. In order to get the energy needed, your body starts to burn fat for energy. This can cause your fat cell to shrink which will lead to losing weight.
  2. Hunger control: The Atkins diet is also known to provide its dieters with adequate fibers, proteins, and healthy fats. Those nutrients help you to feel full much longer.
  3. Flat belly: If you follow the Atkins diet, you will replace the simple carbs with high fiber food. This helps you to get the flat belly during the diet cycle.
  4. Stronger muscles: The Atkins diet menu includes steak, eggs, and fish which are high protein foods that can build and strengthen your muscles.
  5. Have more energy: Another pleasant Atkins diet side effects are the steady flow of energy. If you compare the Atkins diet and the other diet, the Atkins diet will give you more energy to do your daily activity if you choose the right kind of carbs, like vegetables, fruits, whole grains (brown rice), whole wheat bread and pasta.

Atkins Diet Side Effects

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The ‘Bad’ Side Effects of Atkins Diet

If we talk about bad consequences of weight loss diet programs, there will be plenty to talk, Atkins diet also has its own unpleasant side effects. Below, are some bad Atkins diet side effects that come along with the diet;

  1. Fatigue and dizziness: Fatigue and dizziness are common when it comes to low carbs diet. These Atkins diet side effects happen because of the carbs intake is below 60. You will feel very tired, lightheaded, and have headaches throughout the day. You can counteract these effect by consuming salty food or salty broth and eating enough potassium-rich foods.
  2. Ketosis: The idea of Atkins is to replace the energy source of crabs into fat, so the body will burn fats instead of carbs. This will lead to ketone level in the blood elevated. Ketosis is not always a bad side effect if you know how to control the ketone level. But once the ketone level becoming too high, you will put your kidneys and liver into a risk.
  3. Heart risk: While losing weight is good for the heart, but if too much consuming saturated fat in your diet will raise a chance of heart disease. Since the Atkins diet maintains the weight and not losing any, the LDL cholesterol or ‘bad’ cholesterol level will increase from having too much saturated fat.
  4. Low blood sugar: Your body is used to putting in insulin for your sugar level which comes from all carbohydrate food. If you suddenly cut the carbs intake, your blood sugar will drastically drop. It is one of the dangerous side effects that you need to address immediately.
  5. Constipation and diarrhea: These two are another common Atkins diet side effect because of the low carb intake. Constipation can be caused by the salt loss, dehydration, having too much dairy or nuts. You should cut back the dairy product and nuts consumption and rebalance the calcium and the magnesium intake. You also need to drink lots of water. Diarrhea can come because your body needs to adjust to the new diet style.
  6. Heart palpitations: To feel your heart suddenly beats harder is common in low carb diet. It is also caused by the lack of salt and dehydration. This is nothing to worry about. Your heart needs to work harder to pump blood faster to maintain the blood pressure.
  7. Temporary hair loss: This side effect can occur because of a big dietary change. This can be stressing for your body because of some restrictive nutrients. After 3 months into the low carb diet, you will find that your hair fall amount is increasing when you brush it.

The side effects above show that Atkins diet can give you some satisfying results but they also come with consequences. You better consult with your doctor before making a drastic change to your body intake to avoid any unpleasant Atkins diet side effects.