Atkins Diet Menu Plan: 4 Phases of Atkins Diet

Atkins diet menu plan is another popular meal plan for weight loss. It is a low carbohydrate diet program. You can eat literary anything as long as you do not eat food that contains high carbs. This diet program is divided into 4 phases. Each phase has its own meal plan. Here, we will see what the Atkins diet meal plan for each phase.

Atkins Diet Menu Plan

Phase 1 – Induction

In this phase, your body is being prepared to burn fat and kick starting your weight loss. The phase 1 of Atkins diet limits your carbs intake, and that is around 20g a day, you can only eat no more than 20 grams of carbs a day. You can only eat food that is high in fat and protein, and a low carbs vegetables. Here is what the Atkins diet menu plan for the phase 1 looks like;


You have to start with a high protein breakfast every morning. The Atkins website advises its dieters to eat high protein breakfast within three to four hours of waking. Example of simple breakfast; 2 omelet with grated cheese and ½ avocado.


In between breakfast and lunch, you are allowed to snacking. Just keep it simple and moderate. You can have a cooked chicken leg, a slice of meat, a hard-boiled egg, or Atkins snack.


The lunch is best eaten four hours after having breakfast. Have a mixed salad with light dressing. You can have a chicken/tuna salad with greens and raw vegetables and a half avocado.


If you think you can’t hold your hunger until dinner time, you can have a simple snack again to suppress the hunger.


In dinner of phase 1, you can have a cooked minced meat in tinned tomatoes with ½ onion, served with 2 tbsps. guacamole in a taco. Or, you can have steamed fish with cooked vegetables and salad.


In Atkins diet, the dieters should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. You can even drink coffee, tea, pant milk, or diet soda.

Phase 2 – Balancing

In the second phase of Atkins diet, you have to slowly increase your carbs intake. You can add 5g carbs into your diet plan, so it is 25g carbs intake. You can gradually add more nuts, small amounts of fruit, and a low carbs vegetables into your diet. The Atkins diet menu plan for the phase 2 is not that far off from the first phase.


Always start your day with breakfast. You can have a simple omelet with grated cheese or almond pancake. You can also have 100g greek yogurt topped with almond slices and 30g blueberries.


Remember that you can eat fruit now, so why don’t you snack on 40g strawberries? If you prefer something else, have 25g hazelnuts, 30g almonds, or mixed nuts.


Salmon fillet served with baby spinach, a tbsp crushed walnuts, green olive, with oil drizzle. A chicken kebab can make a good lunch too.


You can have the same mid-day snack as your afternoon snack. 25g hazelnuts, 30g almonds, or 10 green olives.


Steak with cauliflower cheese and steamed broccoli or chicken breast filled with spinach and ricotta cheese can be your dinner. If you are craving for some stew, have a lamb stew for dinner.

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Phase 3 – Pre-Maintenance

In phase 3 of Atkins diet, you will be able to identify the food that you can or cannot handle. Once you have felt the change in your body weight, slowly add more carbs to your diet. You have to gradually increase the carbs amount till the weight loss slows down. On the third phase of the Atkins diet, you can have the same Atkins diet menu plan of the previous phases but adding around 10g of daily carbs intake. If your previous carbs intake in phases 2 is 25g, then you can have 35g carbs in this phase.

Phase 4 – Lifetime Maintenance

The last phase of the Atkins diet is the maintenance. Here, you can eat as many carbs (the healthy one) as your body allows it. The Atkins diet menu plan in phases 4 can be the same as the previous meal plan that you have enjoyed. Only, you have to decrease your fat intake and increase your carbs intake. The carbs amounts in phase 4 are approximately 45 to 100 grams a day. But if you are an active person and exercise regularly, at least an hour a day, then you can increase the carbs amount in your diet.Being active is important to boost your health and maintain a healthy weight in a healthy way.

Atkins Diet is for You

You won’t be disappointed if you seriously follow the Atkins diet with carbs restriction. It is a healthy and effective way to lose weight. Buy one of Atkins diet book to know more about the Atkins diet menu plan.