A Guide for Atkins Diet for Diabetics

Atkins diet for diabetics proved to be very effective in the aim of losing weight for people who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is one of chronic diseases in the world that has killed millions of people in the world. It is even proved to be the deadliest disease, even more deadly than heart attack or cancer.

Atkins Diet for Diabetics

Low-Carb Diet Guidance for Diabetes

Diabetes is an acute complicated disease that has become an epidemic throughout 5 continents across the globe. 400 million people in the world currently have been affected by this disease up to this day. Even though diabetes is considered as a complex disease, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to be treated. One way to do to greatly lessen the risk of complications occurs the patient of diabetes has to maintain their good blood sugar level. It will be very dangerous if complications occur to the patient.

To accomplish better level of blood sugar you can follow a diet program as one of the ways. Low-carb diet program will be the perfect way to maintain good level of blood sugar. Atkins diet for diabetics is made to help people with diabetes control their level of blood sugar to prevent complications. As diabetics has to watch their diet, restrict the intake of carbs into their body so that the blood sugar won’t goes up, Atkins diet for diabetics has the right method meets what diabetics need to maintain the good blood sugar level, manage their diabetes with low-carb diet plan.

The body of people who suffer from diabetes cannot effectively process carbohydrates. When you consume foods containing carbs, they are separated into small units of glucose which is in the end turn to be blood sugar. When the level of blood sugar goes up, pancreas will produce hormone insulin as a response to it. However, this system doesn’t work appropriately for diabetics. This is a big health issue for people suffer from diabetes. Severe danger can threat their body if they have either too high or too low blood sugar level.

In short, diabetics have to eat less carbs in order to maintain their blood sugar. Because when they consume foods contain high carb, it will raise their blood sugar to possibly harmful levels except they take medication to deal with it.Atkins diet for diabetics can be a way out to deal with blood sugar level in diabetes.

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Foods to Consume and Avoid

Atkins diet for diabetics focuses mainly on consuming low-carb finest whole foods. Also focus on the hunger your body feels and the signals of your fullness, apart from what you are consuming. The followings are the food list of what to eat and not to eat during the Atkins diet for diabetics. All of them, off course, are low-carb foods.

  1. avocados
  2. cheese
  3. eggs
  4. meats, poultry, seafood
  5. non-starchyveg
  6. butter, coconut oil, cream, cream cheese, olive oil, sour cream

The followings are foods which are high in carbohydrates and are considerably able to raise the levels of blood sugar in diabetes.

  1. bread, cereal, corn or other grains, and pasta
  2. beer, juice, punch, tea with sweetener, soda
  3. baked goods, candy, desserts, ice cream
  4. milk
  5. legumes like beans (except for green beans and snow peas), lentils, and peas
  6. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, and yams.

A Sample Menu of Atkins Diet for Diabetics

To make you easier to follow Atkins diet for diabetics, here is a sample menu for a day you can apply for the diet. However, it’s not a fixed one. You can change the serving size based on your carb tolerance whether it is higher or lower. The following sample menu comprises 15grams or less of edible carbs per meal.

Eggs and spinach are good for breakfast. You can have three cooked in butter eggs, a cup of sautéed spinach, a cup of blackberries, a cup of coffee with cream. The total carbs of this menu is 10.5 grams.

For lunch, cobb salad is the best option. You can have a slice of bacon, three ounces of cooked chicken, half medium avocado, an ounce of Roquefort cheese, a cup of chopped tomatoes, a cup of shredded lettuce, two small squares of 85% dark chocolate, a glass of iced tea. The total digestible carbs is 12.5 grams

For dinner, salmon and veggies will be perfect. You can have four ounces of grilled salmon, a cup of sautéed mushrooms, half cup  of sautéed zucchini, an ounce of chopped walnuts, half cup of sliced strawberries (with whipped cream), four onces of red wine.

Following Atkins diet for diabetics is relatively easy, but still, you’ll need to talk to your doctor before changing your diet. When the intake of carbs is limited you will often have an intense reduction in blood sugar if you follow the Atkins diet for diabetics.