3 Day Military Diet Substitutions: list of Food Substitutions from Day 1 to Day 3

3 day military diet substitutions are for those who follow a military diet meal plan yet find that some of the foods that are not to your appeal or cannot be eaten because of your body condition. The restrictive food types that come with military diet sometimes cannot meet with different dietary preferences and cover their need. That is why 3 day military diet substitutions are a good way to help you with a much more preferable food option.

3 Day Military Diet Substitutions

Military Diet Meal Menu Substitutions

You have to keep the balance in every food that you swap with the substitutes. Do not look at the size of the food, but try to change the food that has the same amount of calories. Below are some 3 day military diet substitutions lists for the first three days;

Day 1

  • A Cup of Coffee or Tea: If you can’t drink a cup of black coffee or green tea, you can have a sugar-free hot chocolate since this drink is also contains a small amount of caffeine.
  • A Half Grapefruit: You can swap the grapefruit with half tbsps. of baking soda since baking soda also contains some alkaline that is good for balancing the pH level in your body. Mix the baking soda in a glass of water and drink it. Or you can squeeze the juice of the grapefruit and mix it with Stevia (types of herb).
  • A Slice of Toast: For those who prefer gluten-free diet, the suitable 3 day military diet substitutions are ¼ cup of sunflower seeds, ¼ cup of flax seed mixed greek yogurt, or a protein bar that has similar carbs amount.
  • 2 tbsps. of Peanut Butter: 2 tbsps of almond butter, cashew butter, pumpkin butter, soy butter, or sunflower seed butter can be great choices as the 3 day military diet substitutions.
  • a Half Cup of tuna: Lean meat or fish and a grilled sushi grade tuna is a great alternative choice to substitute the tuna. Other options are cottage cheese, chicken, tofu, almond, ½ avocado, and 2 tbsps of hummus.
  • 3 Ounces of Meat: Vegetarians or vegans are obviously cannot eat this, so lentils, beans, tofu, or Portobello mushroom can be a good choice for you.
  • Green Beans: Lettuce, spinach, or any other green veggies with the same amount of calorie can be substitute for a cup of green beans
  • A Half Banana and Small Apple: For the half banana, you can change it into 2 kiwis, a cup of papaya, 2 apricots, plumps, grapes, or apple sauce can work as the substitute. And to substitute a small apple, use plumps, peaches, grapes, zucchini, pears, or dried apricots.
  • A Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream: A cup of fruit flavored yogurt or apple juice is a friendly alternative choice. If you are vegetarian, use diary free ice cream.

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Day 2

  • Eggs and a hardboiled egg: 3 day military diet substitutions for the second day meal menus, you can replace the eggs with a cup of milk, 1 chicken wing, ¼ cup of seeds, 2 slices of bacon, or ½ cup of baked beans. For the hardboiled egg, ½ avocado can be another option.
  • A Slice of Toast: Substitute it with ½ cup of seed flower, ½ high protein bar, ½ cup of whole grain cereal, or ¼ cup of yogurt mix with ½ teaspoons of flax seeds.
  • Banana: You can change it into 2 kiwis, a cup of papaya, 2 apricots, plumps, grapes, or apple sauce.
  • A cup of cottage cheese: Plain greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, eggs, hams, tofu, a cup of unsweetened soy/almond milk, or a tbsps. Hummus can be the alternatives.
  • Saltine Crackers: Rice crackers or any other gluten free crackers are perfect substitute. Just make sure they have similar calorie amount.
  • Hot dogs: Turkey dogs, soy dogs, tofu dogs, bratwurst, beans, lentils, portobello mushroom are great to replace hot dogs.
  • Broccoli: The substitute can be cauliflower, spinach, brussell sprouts, asparagus, or any other green veggies.
  • Carrot: A half cup of carrot can be substituted by squash, parsnip, beets, celery, or bell papers.

Day 3

For the third day meal menu, contain some that are the same as the first and second day; saltine crackers, small apple, hard-boiled egg, a slice of toast, a cup of tuna, banana, and vanilla ice cream. Their food substitutes are also the same.

In the Day 3, there is a slice of cheddar cheese for breakfast. The substitute for this is egg, cottage cheese, or ham. For the vegetarians, use soy milk, cabbage, and tofu to substitute the cheese.

Keep in mind that size doesn’t matter. The calorie amount and the balance of the food combination is important to determine the best 3 day military diet substitutions.