The Benefits of 28 Day Mediterranean Diet Plan to Your Health

28 day Mediterranean diet plan can be worthy to try in the effort of living healthier. Mediterranean diet is actually a healthy traditional living habit of people live in the countries or regions surrounding of Mediterranean Sea. According to a research, the way of Mediterranean people eating, which is eating plant foods and fish more than red meat, is proved can give health benefit to us, especially for cardiovascular health. That’s the reason why a lot of people start to follow the Mediterranean style of diet to maintain their health. But still you have to consult or talk to your doctor before you start Mediterranean diet.

28 Day Mediterranean Diet Plan

A Healthy Way of Eating to Improve Health

A lot of people have tried to do 28 day Mediterranean diet plan not only to get weight loss but also to maintain their health. Mediterranean diet plan is believed to be one of healthy ways of eating since it requires you to cut down the consumption of red meat into your body and consume more plant foods and fish.

There are great numbers of diet that strictly offers weight loss and others help optimize your health, but this Mediterranean diet is able to provide you both. You can do this diet in order to cut a few more pounds or you can also follow this Mediterranean style of eating to lessen the risk of chronic diseases without feeling hungry or depressed.

What makes this 28 day Mediterranean diet plan good and healthy? Because this type of diet requires you to eat a whole food which is full of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. There are a lot of you don’t eat sufficient fruits and vegetables I believe. By following this diet, you’ll eat much more fresh foods and healthy.

The followings are the health advantages you can obtain from Mediterranean diet:

  • Little risk of chronic diseases – According to a study, those people who follow this Mediterranean diet have a less risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as heart attack, cardiovascular illness, diabetes type 2 and stroke.
  • Bettered mood – Based on a study by researchers in Spain, those people following the Mediterranean diet have a little chance of suffering from depression. This is probably because of the consuming of the high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids during the diet.
  • Lose weight – People who follow this diet lose much more pounds than they who follow a low-fat diet.

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How to Do 28 Day Mediterranean Diet Plan

How long should we do the Mediterranean diet to get the benefits of it? You can do this Mediterranean diet for about two weeks or 28 days. What should we do during those 28 days? And what should we eat during the 28 day Mediterranean diet plan? Let’s talk about those things here.

Doing the Mediterranean diet for 28 days you can try a main rotation of seven breakfasts, lunches and dinners with variation during the cyle of the diet. As soon as you acquire a sense of how it works, it is fine for you to add new foods to differ the options of your menu.

You should know that Mediterranian people don’t eat pasta and pizza all the time. Instead of pasta or pizza, countries and regions in Mediterranea habitually consume small servings of grains. Restrict the intake of calories by filling up your plate with vegetables.

Any diet will always suggest you to eat more foods high in fiber and protein, and so will the Mediterranean diet. The best friends on any types of diets are fiber and protein. These two nutrients help you to keep full and satisfy that will prevent you to get overeat. Avoiding excess consumption of foods will be essential to the success of your diet if your target is to maintain or lose weight.

Doing Mediterranean diet is relatively easy as you don’t have to count the calories of your food intake, weigh your servings out or track points every day. All you need to do is eating more fruits and vegetables and choosing fish  more rather than red meat. The foods you should have for 28 day Mediterranean diet plan are also so delicious that you will definitely enjoy and happy doing the diet unlike other diet plans which strictly limit the intake of foods or require you to eat the tasteless foods. This Mediterranean diet plan naturally helps you keep off your weight loss and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

You can choose diet plan which is the best for you. The diet plan which you can do comfortably, but the Mediterranean diet plan is the best for you as it have more benefits to your health. Isn’t it great to do a diet without feeling the hunger and do it happily as you can eat delicious foods during the diet. So why don’t you try to do 28 day Mediterranean diet plan?